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    Bronzed Bunny Ice Facial


    Bronzed Bunny is our number 1 stop for so many beauty services and they’ve just added another killer treatment to the list! Their newest treatment is the BB Ice Sculpt Facial, and yes its 100% game changing. If you are not familiar with ice sculpting, it’s basically a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of wood and ice therapy to reduce unwanted fat. See our full blog post of the body treatment HERE. Ice sculpting works wonders on the body and also does amazing things for the face. Not only will the BB Ice facial help to reduce unwanted fat from the face and neck line, it will also help shrink your...

  • Brooklyn Botany

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    If you have been following us on Youtube or Instagram over the past year, you’ve probably seen us using a lot of products from and totally obsessing over Brooklyn Botany....

  • Must Have Summer Products

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    With Summer literally right around the corner, it’s time to talk about some of our Summer Must Have Products. Honestly, we love these products all year, but especially during the...