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    Here’s a fun fact for you, did you know that women go through about 10,000 tampons in their lifetime! If you’re tripping out right now, so were we. Every single month, us women have to go out and buy the same selection of tampons that have not changed in years! And let’s be honest, half the time we get so busy and forget that a whole other month has past and have to run out last minute. Having your period is enough to deal with so why not make it easy by having tampons delivered to your door! Cora does exactly that!  Basically, after you sign up for your FREE...

  • Upbra Swim

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    If you’re following us on Instagram or have seen our Boob Hacks Video on Youtube, then you guys know we’re big fans of Upbra! They actually just launched swimwear and...

  • Kashmere Kollection

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    You guys know that skin care is huge for us and we’ve been using some new products that are making their way to our holy grail list. First of all, if...

  • Photo Hacks

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    Photo Hacks Listen, taking a really great picture these days is pretty important and we’ve found a few things recently that have been taking our pictures to the next level....

  • Avondale Active

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    It’s a new year and that means another year to keep your health on track! For us, getting in the gym can be hard but finding the right outfit to...