5 Awesome Ways to Use Castor Oil

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5 Awesome Ways to Use Castor OilJamaican Black Castor Oil Mongongo Exotic Oil with Scent of Cotton Tee, you think that sounds like a mouth full? Just wait until you hear about the many uses of this product!  We’ve recently been using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which is exclusively available at select Walgreens and have been loving it! Here are some of our favorite way to use the oil!

1. Face- Winter is definitely the time of year when our skin is more on the dry side, so on the days our skin needs a little extra love, we like to use a few drops of the oil and gently massage it into our skin. You can also use the oil to help remove your makeup.

2. Skin- Don’t stop there, you can actually use the oil anywhere your experiencing dryness. The mangongo oil remains on the skin much longer than most oils forming a barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping through your pores.

3. Hair- If you hair is feeling dull and lifeless, this oil has your back! You can use this as a full on hot oil treatment or just use it on the ends of your hair to help with dryness or frizz. It will help moisturize, condition, strengthen, and protect your hair, which will also help it grow!

4. Massage- If you’re feeling sore or just want to pamper yourself, or to be pampered, you can also use this as a massage oil. It helps elevate your massage experience and the aroma of the oil smells so incredible, which helps you really relax.

5. Nails- The product is also great for mani/pedis! We like to use the oil on our cuticles, especially in the winter when our hands seems to be so dry! The oil has made such a huge difference for our hands and nails, keeping them super soft.

We can go on and on about the many uses of the Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil and this will for sure remain a staple in our beauty routine! Product releases at Walgreens February 1st 2017!


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