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All Caps 

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Kid you not, we have gone through more plastic hair caps than we can count, especially Haley, but we finally found one that is reusable and also suits so many needs! All Caps is basically the holy grail of hair caps serving so many purposes from perserving your hairstyle in the shower, to keeping your hair safe from a spay tan. Being that it has a waterproof, hypoallergenic, and fungus-resistant on the outside and it has a silky fabric on the inside the helps prevent breakage makes All Caps super versatile. Not to mention the cap is adjustable, so it provides a comfortable fit for everyone and all hair lengths.  After you’ve used the cap a few times, or maybe used it for hair mask, you can simply toss in the dyer with the buttons on the side so a quick and easy clean! If you want to see how to use All Caps, check out the video below!

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