Beyond Her Blush December Unboxing!

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We absolutely love doing our nails, obsessed would be putting it mildly. We found a beauty subscription box called Beyond Her Blush that delivers 5-6 beauty related products ranging from makeup to skincare to nails to your doorstep every month. Each month, a celebrity stylist is chosen to create a mood board describing the featured artist, a fun and stylish trend, as well as the products inside the box. This beauty subscription service offers the choice of starting a 6-month plan at $18.oo per month, purchasing the monthly boxes for $20 per month, or purchasing the individual products from 



Celebrity Artist: Naja

Featured Trend: Manicure

” Tis’ the season to nail it!” Naja was inspired by the winter Aspen sky and swinging fringe that was seen on the runway this season. This trend is fun and captures all of your festive fashion favorites.

Products included in box:

Essie Nail File

Essie Nail Buffer

Essie Chic Nail Polish- Essie Apres

Essie Chic Nail Polish- Essie Fashion Flares

Essie All In One Glaze

Essie Many Many Mani Hand Cream





The first step in doing our nails is always filing. We used the Essie Nail file to shape our nails into circular/square shapes. This nail file is super high quality and got our nails in shape fast.





The next thing we did was take the Essie Nail Buffer that came in the box and used it to buff out our nails. This will help make your nails a lot smoother making for a cleaner nail polish application






After buffing out our nails, we go right in with the Essie All In One Glaze which can be used as a base coat, a top coat, and as a nail strengthener.






After applying the Essie Top Coat, its time for the fun! This Box came with two different nail colors, Fashion Flares and Apres-Chic. Fashion Flares is a beautiful clear coat with black and fuchsia glitter making it perfect for the holiday season and Apres-Chic is a gorgeous platinum-metallic color perfect for this winter. We each used one polish on all of our fingers except our ring finger and used the opposite color as an accent on the ring finger. The great thing about these polishes is that you can use them tons of different ways to create multiple looks this holiday season!





The final stepping in achieving a perfect manicure using the December Box is to moisturize. The box came with the Essie Spa Many Many Mani Hand Lotion which not only hydrated your hands and your cuticles but smells absolutely incredible! We focus this cream on our cuticles to see the best results.



We were extremely happy with the final results of our manicure. The nail polishes went on very smoothy and dried super fast! The best part about this subscription box is that all of the products in the box, besides the hand cream were full size products! We definitely recommend trying our Beyond Her Blush to see what incredible products you can try every month!



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