Bikini Sugar Waxing

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What is sugaring? 

You might be asking yourself, what the hell is sugar waxing?! We asked ourselves the same thing when we first heard about it and we’re scared as hell to give it a try. Basically, its like waxing, only less painful and it’s using only sugar, lemon, and water. No toxic heavy waxes or those crazy strips. Sugaring is actually a much safer process than typically waxing and the results are so much better! You can sugar any part of your body really, but we’re here to talk to you about bikini/Brazilian sugar waxing. We first tried sugaring at Bronzed Bunny and haven’t gone a month without stopping in since! First of all, Bronzed Bunny is the best place we’ve ever been, like ever, so we’d highly recommend going there. But if there doesn’t happen to be one around you, we suggest doing your research and reading some reviews before picking a place. We’ll give you all the details, from the process, to the pain, to the upkeep!

The process

Okay, so for our first time, we had no idea what to really expect. It was our first time ever being waxed anywhere beside our eyebrows, and we were especially nervous because of the area we were getting done. Thank goodness we chose Bronzed Bunny because our sugarist made us feel so comfortable! First things first, your strip down, well you really just need to take off your pants, and if your at a good spot, they will give you a little something your clean your area with. The sugaring itself takes, we’d say about 10-30 minutes, depending on your pain tolerance and the amount of hair you have. It’s recommended you grow out your hair for a couple of weeks before your first session, (1-2 depending on you) After your first session you should go back about every 4 weeks or so for your next appointment. Everyone always asks, what the hell do you do in the in-between? I know your thinking, there’s no freaking way you can go 4+ weeks without getting waxed/sugared/shaved, but let us tell you a little somethin’. Your hair won’t really start growing back, like at all, for about a week. Then it will start to very slowly creep back and by the time you really need to do something about it, its time for your next appointment. On top of that, the more you go, the less your hair will grow back. Yes. It’s true and honestly, what could be better than that?! Of course, like we said, everyone is different but after about 8-10 sessions is really when you start to notice less and less growth.


Pain and Upkeep 

Let’s talk about the pain. We’re going to be completely honest, it hurts, some areas more than others! The only real way to get through the pain in to drink a bellini or two, which thank god Bronzed Bunny provides. Don’t worry though, there are a few other tricks we’ve learned along the way to help elevate the pain. We can’t stress enough how much scrubbing with a salt or sugar scrub in between sessions will help! Seriously you guys, don’t skip this, otherwise the sugaring will take longer and that equals more pain. Scrubbing is really going to help exfoliate and will also help with ingrown hairs but mainly, it will help the hairs come out so much easier during the sugaring processes. After a good scrub down, and you might as well do your whole body, its also really important to moisturize! Another tip is something you can do right before your appointment. Grab a warm wash cloth and set it over your “area” this will help loosen up the hairs so to speak, making things much less painful!

Overall, we are HUGE fans of bikini surging and are totally hooked! We really don’t think we could go without it at this point. We really hoped this helped you if your thinking about getting it done. If you want to have a good laugh and watch the whole process go down, LIVE, check out some of our youtube videos! Let us know if sugaring worked for you! xox