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What is Sugaring?

We recently visited the Bronzed Bunny Salon in Costa Mesa for our very first Brazilian Sugaring session and it was quite the experience. Dominique, the lead Sugar Bunny, made us feel so comfortable and gave us tons of information! Basically sugaring is a natural and organic way to remove unwanted hair using only sugar, water, and lemon! These ingredients combined form a paste like ball that is used to remove the hair without using any sticks or strips. The sugar also never gets hot enough to actually burn your skin and does not stick to live skin cells, causing way less trauma than waxing. Hairs can be extracted with only 4-7 days of growth without shaving but 10 days are usually preferred especially for first time sugaring treatments. One of the best things about sugaring is that it leads to permanency meaning no hair growth after a number of sugaring treatments.


Overall we had such an incredible experience at Bronzed Bunny. Not only did the salon have incredible insta-worthy aesthetic, they all made us feel so comfortable with the addition of Bellini’s to make taking our souls less painful. Since sugaring is also a natural exfoliant, we were left feeling so soft and smooth. We were also sent home with some care oil samples which really help in between sessions. Now being 10 days out, we are still so incredibly smooth and have little to no returning hair growth and the ones that are retuning are much thinner. Sugaring is recommended every 4-6 weeks and we cannot wait to go back and continue to see these awesome results!

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