Bite Me Gum Review

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Bite Me is an Australian owned health and fitness company that was founded in 2014 with the launch of their exclusive chewing gum, Bite Me Skinny. The Skinny gum appears similar to any other gum but has two huge differences, L- carnitine and green tea extract. These two ingredients  help to burn fat and to produce energy for the body, helping you get through the day or any workout. On top of that, L- carnitine helps cognitive function while the green tea helps boost your metabolism and keeps your skin clear. How’s that for a gum?!



The benefits on the Skinny gum are endless including helping you reduce portion size, burn fat, freshens your breath, and even helps your reduce snacking.  You can purchase the gum online in a few different forms, single packs, 14 day starter packs, and healthy saver packs. Overall this peppermint chewing gum is perfect for those journeying towards a healthier version of themselves!




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