Blinc Inc Mascara Review

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Blinc Inc. Mascara Review


  • Black Lash Primer: This black lash primer was created not only to treat but to enhance eyelashes.  This primer states that it is suppose to provide and incredible base of volume and lengthen your lashes, prior to applying mascara. When I first applied the Black Lash Primer I was skeptical because I am not usually a big fan of small silicone wands like this one but I kept an open mind. As soon as I started applying the Black Lash Primer I did notice it gave my lashes a good amount of volume, however the formula was a bit dry and left my eyelashes feeling a little hard and separated and not in a good way.
  • Mascara Amplified: The Mascara Amplified is not a traditional mascara. Amplified Mascara coats your lashes in a glossy, voluminzing and extending coat that forms tiny water resistant “tubes” around your eyelashes. I had very high hopes for this mascara just because of the fat, voluminous wand. When I first applied the Amplified Mascara I could immediately notice the tubes forming around my lashes making them appear fuller and longer. I did find that applying the mascara on its own, without the Black Lash Primer, gives a much better result for me as the primer made my eyelashes a bit too flakey.
  • Removal: The biggest down side to this product is the removal process. This mascara, Black Lash Primer or not, will NOT come over with makeup removers or cleansing oils. The only way to remove this this mascara is to use warm water and gentle pressure to remove the tubes of mascara off of your eyelashes. I noticed this pulled out a few of my eyelashes and while it did make my eyelashes look pretty good, Im not sure if loosing some eyelashes along the way is worth it.
  • Final Review: All in all there are pros and cons to this product. It is a great replacement for false lashes if your struggle with placing those on or don’t like the feeling however, it can be pretty difficult to remove. I also do not find thee Black Lash Primer too necessary as I liked the results of the Amplified Mascara on its own for my eyelashes.






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