Bootea 14 Day Detox Review

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One of our favorite drinks is definitely tea and we are always trying something new! We’ve recently been drinking a new 14 day teatox by Bootea and you can count us in as huge fans. BOOTEA is a UK based company offering 100% natural products ranging from teas to shakes, offering amazing health benefits. The 14 day teatox comes in two separate packages, a daytime detox and a nighttime cleanse.


Daytime Detox– The daytime tea is perfect to drink in the morning, having caffeine to kickstart your day.


Nighttime Cleanse– This tea is best drank right before bed and will help to naturally cleanse and detoxify your body


One of our favorite parts about this tea is the convenience of the unique pyramid style bags that hold the loose leaf tea. To make the tea simply steep a the bag for 3-5 minutes with nearly boiling water. The flavor is amazing and is similar to that of a green tea and for extra flavor we sometimes like to add a slice of lemon.




We were very happy with the results from the 14 day teatox. During the 14 days and even up to a week later, we felt lighter overall and much healthier. Not only did the tea help to detox our bodies, but also helped motivated us to eat healthy to increase the teas benefits. This is a product we would recommend to everyone and we will continue to drink and enjoy it!




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