Boxed Water Review

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Boxed Water Review


We agree with their slogan, boxed water is better, and we’ll tell you why. This Michigan based company stared in 2009 wanting to create a new water product that would be better for the environment and would give back to many foundations. I’m sure at lot of your are curious of the taste, which in our opinion tastes much better than your standard plastic bottled water. It’s crisp and refreshing, and seems to stay cooler longer because of the carton packaging. Boxed water is now available in over 6,000 stores in the U.S and currently growing in distribution around the country. You can even purchase the drink online or in most Target Stores.


We’re all for supporting great causes so lets have some fun with social media! Boxed Water has teamed up with the National Forest Foundation to plant one million trees over the next 5 years. The #Retree has kicked off with a social media campaign, for every Boxed Water picture that you post with the #Retree on social media will plant two trees how cool is that?! With your help we can plant one million trees, so lets start together by drinking delicious water and taking cute pictures! Just snap, post and #Retree

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