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Located in Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn Botany was driven by desire to bring superior beauty products to the marketplace. The team spent months tracking down the best available ingredients even going as far as Australia and India to find age-old ingredients that deliver on their exceptional healing properties. Brooklyn’s line now offers 5 different essential oils including Vitamin C Serum, Tea Tree Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Lavender Oil! We got our hands on the Vitamin C Serum and the Tea Tree Oil and have already been loving the results!

 Ultra Pure Vitamin C Serum- This Vitamin C Serum is truly one of a kind as its made with 100% pure L-ascorbic acid which is the only bioactive form of Vitamin C instead of Vitamin C derivatives which most Vitamin C Serums use. This serum is said to brighten the skin, fade away age spots, and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles!  We have been using this serum for about a month now and we are already seeing such incredible results not only just in the appearance of fine lines but also in the texture and brightness of our skin! We even started seeing results just after a few uses! We usually put this serum underneath our face lotion before bed and in the mornings and it has already become a staple in our skincare routine. The best part about this serum is that it is Made in the USA, FDA approved, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free!

Ultra Pure Tea Tree Oil- This Ultra Pure Tea Tree Oil is also 100% sure therapeutic grade Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil has so many uses including killing bacteria, lice, toenail fungus, dandruff, ringworm, acne, rashes, toothaches, coughs, eczema, athletes foot and so many more! Tea Tree Oil is also widely used by natural healthcare practitioner and aroma therapists. The strong smell of the Tea Tree oil also naturally repels bugs and other insects! Brooklyn Botany Tea Tree oil is steam distilled, superior sourced and hand picked making their oils the most effective on the market! We have used other Tea Tree oils and this is by far the best one we have tried. Not only is this one extremely potent, it works really well very quickly. We mainly use Tea Tree Oil for acne purposes and it is the only thing that really works for us. If we ever have some sort of skin issue or breakout, just a tiny bit of Tea Tree Oil and we literally wake up with clear skin, its incredible! This product has quickly also become a skincare staple in our routine!


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