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If you have been following us on Youtube or Instagram over the past year, you’ve probably seen us using a lot of products from and totally obsessing over Brooklyn Botany. Brooklyn Botany is a Skin Care brand dedicated to using natural ingredients in their purest state. Skin care is definitely number one when it comes to our beauty routine and these products never let us down.


Let’s begin with the first product Brooklyn Botany launched, which totally got us hooked on their brand! Their Vitamin C is hands down our favorite skin care product, and we don’t say that lightly. This serum truly is one-of-a-kind and is made using 3 different forms of Vitamin C, giving this serum maximum benefits. We use this every single day and night all over our skin and it really helps to brighten and also diminishes any fine lines and wrinkles. This product has made such a huge difference in the appearance of our skin and we’re obsessed with it!


Fun fact, Tea Tree Oil is one of the most powerful and commonly used essential oils in the world! Who knew?!! This stuff has seriously saved our lives you guys! You can use it for a ton of things but we mainly use it to fight break outs. Since this product is made with ultra pure tea tree oil, you’ll want to dilute it a bit with some water or another type of oil. When you see a breakout coming on, use a little of this on your skin and it will help them so much! Sometimes, by the next day the breakout is literally completely gone! We highly recommend for that reason alone, but you can also use the Tea Tree Oil for to treat rashes, lice, coughs, eczema, and a few others.


One thing we really love about Brooklyn Botany is that most of their products are super versatile and multi-use and their Camellia Wonder Oil is no exception. You can use the Camellia Wonder oil to remove your makeup and to moisturize your body. It also can help reduce the appearance of acne scars and even stretch marks. Need we say more?! Brooklyn Botany really cares about the ingredients that go into their products and this Wonder Oil contains no harmful chemicals, no added color or alcohol, and of course is VEGAN! We really love that is oil isn’t super thick like some can be, its very slick and is such a great makeup remover! One of our favorite parts about this product definitely has got to be the packaging. It comes in a plastic bottle WITH a pump! It makes it so much easier to use and you don’t have to worry about breaking it!


Here’s another product that is basically a must have for everyone since it’s such a multi-use amazing product. Before we get into the million uses of this product, lets talk about how its made. The Aloe Vera is of course 100% natural and again isn’t loaded with chemicals and contains no added color, fragrance, or alcohol. Being so natural makes the texture of this Aloe Vera Gel much different then most. It’s much thinner which helps the product really soak into your skin and work its magic! Honestly you could use this from almost anything, but here’s a list of some of the top uses:
– Provides cooling relief for dry, itchy, or irritated skin.
– Soothes rashes, painful sunburns, and itchy bug bites.
– Clears up acne blemishes.
– Eliminates itchy scalp and dandruff.
– Use as hair styling gel or leave in conditioner for stronger, shinier hair.
– Use as a moisturizer on its own or mix with oils to make your own custom formula.
– Use as aftershave or post waxing treatment to eliminate razor burn.
– Great for your pets too! Use to relieve itchy patches or bald spots on dogs and cats……. UMMMM CRAZY right!


When we start to think about the scrubs Brooklyn Botany has, we kind of start to lose our minds. They are seriously EVERYTHING! If you want your skin to look completely brand new and radiant and glowy and amazing, then you need to get your hands on some of the scrubs. Right now, Brooklyn Botany has 3 different types of scrubs that you can use on your face and body. They are all made with Dead Sea salts and a ton of other ingredients that will transform your skin. We’re going to break down all 3 for you guys, but don’t ask which is our favorite because we literally couldn’t pick.


The first scrub they released was the Activated Charcoal scrub and lets just say we’ve gone through about 4 jars of it, in about 6 months! Not only do we love it but our boyfriends are equally obsessed. The charcoal scrub has detoxifying properties that basically helps to get rid of all the impurities and toxins in your skin! This scrub is perfect for breakouts and really helps give your skin a deep clean feeling.


First of all, this scrub smells so freaking good, we can’t even handle it!  We all know that blueberries contain so many amazing antioxidants that really work magic on your skin. The combination of the ingredients of this scrub will make your skin look glowy, younger, fresher, and hydrated! We could stop there, but this scrub will also help to even skin tone, helps with spider veins, and is a great acne fighter. Do we have you convinced you need this in your life yet?


Holy avocado you guys! This scrub takes things to a whole other level. If you’re looking for your skin to feel brand new and 10 years younger, you absolutely need this scrub in your life! The combination of avocado oil, vitamin C, and aloe vera leave your skin feeling so incredible and radiant literally after just one use. This scrub will also help stimulate the production of collagen which is amazing!


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