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Cocowhite is a UK based 100% natural health products company that promotes a healthier mouth and whiter teeth. For those of you who know what a task oil pulling can be, Cocowhite has made it extremely easy with their 14 day oil pulling detox kit.  Cocowhite is an oil pulling kit with convenient ready to use sachets of flavored coconut oils that come in 3 great flavors such as mint, vanilla, and lemon. These tasty flavors are can be purchased separately or in an assorted flavored bundle pack.


Before opening the sachet, be sure to warm the product with your finger tips to help soften the oil. You will then swish the oil around your mouth for 5-10 minutes while the oil works its magic! We would recommend using this product while in the shower or during your normal morning or night routine. The benefits of oiling pulling are endless and include promoting overall oral health, whiter teeth, removal of plaque, bad breath, gum inflammation, gingivitis, and cavities.


We found great success with using the Cocowhite 14 day kit! Not only were our teeth much whiter, our mouths also felt cleaner and healthier. We would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a teeth whitening system and is great for anyone with sensitive teeth as it does not burn nor irritate your mouth.



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