Dirtea Face and Body Scrub Review

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Dirtea Face and Body Scrub


Dirtea Face and Body is a USA based natural skincare company with scrubs that are fresh, handmade, and made out of organic freshly ground tea leaves, essential oils, and minerals that are effective at treating skin conditions. The best part about Dirtea Face and Body Scrub is that it is paraben free, phosphate free, gluten free, chemical free, vegan, and cruelty free!

Dirtea Original: Made with antioxidants naturally derived from freshly ground Moroccan Green Tea, almond oil, sea salt, organic cane sugar, peppermint oil, and vitamin e oil this face and body scrub helps clear acne, hydrate dry skin, fade stretch marks, and help heal scarring, psoriasis, and eczema. To apply, get in the bath or shower and scrub face and body in circular motions. Leave on the skin for about five minutes so vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can fully absorb into your skin. Rinse off and use a light body wash to rinse off any remaining product and you are left feeling super soft and smooth. The best part about this scrub is that is smells of clean mint and leaves you feeling fresh and revitalized!

Dirtea Chia + Coconut: Made with caffeine naturally derived from freshly ground Masala Chia black tea that penetrated deep into the skin to help treat dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and scaring. This scrub is also made with extra virgin coconut oil that soothes and smoothes your skin. All you have to do is apply this scrub all over your wet skin and massage in circular motions. After letting this soak into your skin for about five minutes, rinse and feel the amazing benefits this scrub leaves. This scrub smells like summer spice with a warm aroma of Chia tea leaving you feeling ultra relaxed and pampered!



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