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Dressgal Lookbook


As some of you may know, one of our favorite mottos is, it’s not about where you shop but how you shop. We are always on the hunt for clothing stores that offer amazing pieces, that don’t cost a fortune! We know how difficult it can be so stay on top of all the latest trends when prices can be so high! We recently came across an awesome online website called Dressgal that we’ve become obsessed with!

Dressgal offers all the latest styles from dresses, skirts, and bags at some of the most reasonable prices we’ve ever seen! The goal of their company is to build a future where everyone can afford beautiful clothes. We each choose outfits that came as two piece sets for less that $12 per look! We were both surprised to each get an outfit for less then $25, which is definitely our price range. The shipping on the website is a bit more than standard shipping costs, but you do get a discount upon checkout that really helps. We recently made a purchase with 14 items, some being full outfits and with shipping we spend under $130.00! So, as you can see it’s definitely worth checking out!




♔Dressgal ♥Home Page♥ : http://bit.ly/1M6kE7F



✿Dressgal Hem Skirt Set : http://bit.ly/1M6kE7E $11.83

✿Dressgal Sports Shorts Sets : http://bit.ly/1M6kBsx $12.10

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