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Fun fact about us, we are totally blind and have been relying on contacts and glasses to get us through life. We haven’t bought new glasses in about 5 years and seriously you guys, our current glasses are thrashed! Since we’re not huge fans of leaving our house, we really wanted to find a good online option. We partnered with GlassesUSA and we’re so glad we did because their online site makes it so easy to find the perfect glasses!

 First of all, they have so many options of frames and sunglasses and you don’t even need a prescription to shop their site! They have every shape, size, different colors to choose from, and they even cary name brand. At first we were a little shook because we had to idea how to decide what would look good on us. Thankfully, GlassesUSA has a virtual try on where you can upload a selfie and try on all your favorite glasses! It made is so much easier to decide on a pair because we already knew they looked good on us. It was also really cool because we realized glasses we would of never went for actually looked really good on us.





Once you find your perfect frames, you can add your prescription or you can decide to buy them without a prescription if you just want them for a fashion accessory. The best part is the glasses were delivered so quick! It’s so cool having cute glasses that we actually feel comfortable wearing outside our house! lol What’s awesome is you can get a pair for 50% OFF plus FREE shipping by shopping HERE

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