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Tip #1: DO NOT wash your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can strip essential oils from your hair causing your hair to be more dry, flakey, and broken leading to split, damaged hair. Try using a shampoo that is sulfate free to prevent damage and color stripping if your hair is colored.

Tip #2: DO NOT use too much product in your hair. When washing your hair, if you have product build up don’t use an excessive amount of shampoo, only use a small amount to remove the product buildup then go in one more time with a small amount of shampoo and repeat for clean, detoxed hair.

Tip #3: Use a hair mask. Hair masks are great to use every few weeks up to once a week to keep your hair soft and hydrated. Coat your hair in a hair mask for 5-10 min in the shower or bath or you can even leave it in your hair overnight. Depending on which hair mask you use, they can be extremely beneficial for people who have very dry, damaged, or frizzy hair,

Tip #4: Use a hair oil. If you are someone who suffers from dry, flakey, or broken hair or you just want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, hair oil is a definite must. Hair oil will increase the strength of your hair, reduce frizziness, and prevent damage. Use a small amount on DRY hair and work into the ends of hair to prevent over oily hair.

Tip #5: Use a wide tooth comb. Using a wide tooth comb can be extremely beneficial especially for those who have very tangled and hard to manage hair. Using a wide tooth comb will be much easier to combat tangles while keeping your hair healthy. If necessary, use a leave in conditioning treatment and start from the ends of your hair working your way up while coming to ensure less damage and breakage.

Tip #6: DO NOT blow dry your hair too often. We have all heard this before, but it is very true. Blow drying you hair can cause severe damage by making your hair dry and fragile. If it is necessary to blow dry your hair DO NOT blow dry it in an upward motion. Blow drying in an upward motion will disrupt the cuticles of your hair shaft causing breakage and split ends. Start at the top of your head and blow dry your hair in a downward motion. Blow drying your hair in a downward motion will prevent breakage as well as help with frizziness. Don’t forget to finish off with a blast of cool air to seal your hair cuticles.


Tip #1: Use a round brush while blowdrying. To cut down on heat, try styling your hair with a round brush while blow drying. Start at the roots of your hair and use the round brush to blow down the hair creating a smooth and slightly curled hairstyle. If you need more volume to your hair but don’t want to weigh it down with product or damage it with teasing try hair rollers. Roll and clip a few rollers to the crown of your hair, blow dry and leave in for about 20 min to achieve tons of volume that will last.

Tip #2: Styling second day hair. If you struggle styling second day hair, we have you covered. Dry shampoo will become your bff, tap some into the roots of your hair and massage in for an instant boost of clean volume! To achieve second day volume, run a straightener over a few pieces of hair at your crown and place back into rollers for 10-20 min. Add a bit of hair spray and the second day just became better than the first.





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