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When getting ready in the mornings, we don’t always wear a ton of make up. Sometimes, we need to glam up our looks when going out later on in the evening and for this particular occasion, we’re heading to a Holiday Party! Click HERE to see us go from a natural look to a more party appropriate look with just a few simple steps, including touching up our hair and makeup,  adding some jewelry, and a La Fille Colette dress, we we’re ready in no time!

We all run into times of needing to glam quick after a long day, but by adding a pair of false lashes and a statement lip you can be ready in no time! For hair, if you are like us and don’t have much time in the morning try slicking your hair or adding a few curls to quickly glam before your holiday event!

Jewelry is a must when going to any event. One of the easiest ways to make yourself look dressed up is by adding a statement necklace or some arm candy to your look. Some of our favorite pieces are from Chelsea Charles, Shop Coconut Tree, and Forever21.

La Fille Colette has beautiful designs that are made in the US, which we love! The dresses are perfect to transition from day to night, which is great for us because we are always heading somewhere after work that calls for dressier attire. We especially love the integration of bold color blocking, shapes, and cut outs, making the fit extremely flattering.  The pieces are very comfortable to wear and adding some heels, arm candy, or some jewelry will really take your look to the next level.


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