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How To: Self Tan

Believe it or not, we have never self tanned before! I know, crazy, right?! To be quite honest, we have always been terrified and for some crazy reason, thought it was be so hard to do. So, we decided to finally give it a try but started in the baby section and used a gradual self tanner. We are no experts but found with a few easy steps, you can achieve a nice self tan! Also, make sure to read the instructions of your self tanner as some may call have different directions.

Step 1: Scrub Down with Brooklyn Botany

We started prepping the night before in the shower. The first thing you want to do is scrub your whole body down. This is a very important step because you want to scrub away any dry skin that can cause patches while tanning. We have been using one of our favorite new scrubs from Brooklyn Botany. It’s a activated charcoal scrub which that works super well all over the body and you can even use this on your face, which is great. This scrub is nice  because it has a really great neutral scent to it and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and amazing! Make sure to focus of areas such as your elbows, knees, or any dry spots.

Step 2: Shave with Harrys

Next its time to shave. We wanted to make sure our arms and legs were nice and smooth to achieve more of an even tan. Recently, we have been using razors from Harrys and they have been working so well for us! We have the kit that comes with everything you need to achieve a perfect shave, making it so convenient to use.

Step 3: Tanning with Mystic Tan

So as far as the product, we used the Mystic Tan Gradual Tan Lotion. It was so easy to work with an apply, we honestly can’t believe we waited so long to try it! Basically, we threw on some bikinis and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. We decided to use the glove the tanner comes with and it helped to apply the lotion smoothly and evenly. Since the lotion is colorless, you don’t have to worry about it getting on whatever your wearing, which was super nice! While tanning you want to make sure you get every area of your body that way you have an even tan. We definitely started seeing results after a few uses and think this would be perfect to maintain a tan or give you a nice base. We put on robes when we were done with tanning but the lotion dried right away so you’d definitely be able to put on normal clothes afterwords. The product recommends not getting wet for at least 4-8 hours after using, so make sure to plan for that before tanning. Overall, we are so glad we tried it and we will definitely be using it more!


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