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How to Style: Accessories 

Putting together a dope outfit can be easy and you can really elevate you style with a few simple accessories like watches and sunglasses. The 5th offers some great options when it comes to chic styles and we have some new pieces from them we’ve really been loving lately. We always appreciate a company that offers great products but also great packaging as well! As far as what we picked from the site, you can never go wrong with black. If you’ve been following us, you know that black is basically our signature color. The black “TOKYO FUYU” watch is super sleek and can literally go with any type of outfit, from dressed up, to boyfriend jean casual. The black “Clarence” sunglasses are super comfortable and are also really versatile. What’s cool about these pieces is that really anyone can wear and pull them off, even our boyfriends who always seem to be “borrowing” them. We wanted to change things up a little bit so we also went with a few rose gold pieces as well, which has kind of been our newest fashion obsession. Its always nice to have something fun that makes more of a statement like the “Thornhill” sunnies. They are shaped perfectly and really take your look next level. The “MELBOURNE MINIMAL” rose gold and peach watch has also been such a favorite of ours. The face of the watch is the perfect size for our small wrists and it gives an outfit the perfect finishing touch!

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