Interview Series!

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Interview Series!

We thought it would be really helpful to do an Interview Series sharing tips and advise on how to nail an interview or to being professional in the workplace!


Tips and Advise

  • Be Appropriate– This can be a number of things but most importantly do not be late and that usual means showing up at least 10 minutes early. You don’t want to make a bad impression by showing up to the interview late or stress yourself out by being in a rush. DO NOT check your cell phone! We recommend leaving your phone in your car or purse but if you have to have your phone on you make sure to keep it in your pocket and keep it on silent. Also, avoid chewing gum and any inappropriate behavior.

  • Dress Appropriately– Depending on the job or internship you are interviewing for, find out the proper dress code and dress accordingly. If you are going in for a business professional job make sure you are not wearing anything inappropriate, no hats, no inappropriate logos, no sunglasses, no flip flops ect. Also depending on the job, keep the makeup minimal. Tons of makeup can be really distracting to some hiring managers and can be a major turn off.

  • Be Prepared– Do your research! It is so important to make sure you do tons of research on the company you are interviewing for. The hiring manager will most likely ask you questions about the company and why you want to work there so knowing as much about the company as possible will really come in handy. Also knowing the mantras or missions of the company can really impress a hiring manager. Also be prepared by bring a writing utensil and a pad of paper to take notes and jot things down can be really helpful.

  • Be Confident– As long as you have prepared yourself by doing your research and giving yourself plenty of time going into an interview very confident and relax will be very helpful to nail your interview. Being really nervous and stressed out can just make you forget everything you had prepared for so Relax! You’ve got this.


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