Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Body Scrub Review

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Mr. Bean Coffee Body Scrub Review


Looking for a new incredible body scrub? Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Scrub is a natural face and body scrub with skin loving organic ingredients. Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub is made with fair trade roasted ground coffee beans, himalayan pink rock salt, sugar, organic cacao, organic cold pressed coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and natural mandarin essence. The fair trade roasted ground coffee beans and himalayan pink rock salt helps with rough and dry skin to exfoliate and improve skin tone and texture while the vitamin e and coconut oil help to soothe and soften the skin. The organic cacao also contributes to helping with stretch marks and cellulite! All you have to do is get wet and rub a large handful of the scrub in circular motions, focusing on problem areas and leave to dry for about 5 minutes and rinse! Just after the first use we noticed our skin feeling super soft and hydrated and the best part was the light scent of mandarin essence left on our skin! Get beaned with Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub! #mrbeanscrub @mrbeanbody


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