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Whether you are first starting out with makeup, your in a hurry, or you just don’t want to fuss with a full face of makeup, every woman should know how to master the no makeup makeup look and heres how to get it:


1. Spot Cover- Instead of putting on a full face of foundation, go in with your favorite concealer and conceal any blemishes, redness or spots you want to cover. This will give you coverage just in the areas you need it the most keeping your face looking more natural.

2. Do Not Over Powder– If you have dry skin, skip powder all together. If you tend to be a little bit more on the oily side, place a very light layer of powder only in the areas you need it most. This will help maintain a no foundation look.

3. Bronze– This is optional but if you want to bring more color and structure to your face bronze your skin with a warm tone natural bronzer. Instead of defining your face with a cool tone contour shade, using a warm tone bronzer will add natural definition. Apply to the areas the sun would hit most, tops of your cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin.

4. Highlight– Adding highlight to the high points of your face will not only make them stand out more but will also add a dewy effect to the skin making it look more natural. Adding highlight to the tops of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, forehead, and chin will instantly add a healthy natural appearance.

5. Brows– To keep your brows looking natural but still groomed and structured comb them out and add a small amount of brow gel to help them stay in place and look very natural. If your eyebrows are more sparse, try using a tinted brow gel or a light application of brow powder or pencil. Groom well to keep looking natural.

6. Enhance Your Eyelashes– Eyelashes play one of the biggest roles in the no makeup makeup look. The better your lashes look, the less makeup you can get away with. Give your eyelashes a good curl for at least 20 seconds, try a heated eyelash curler for even more volume. Go in with your favorite volumizing and lengthening mascara. For an even more natural look, go in with a clean spooly brush and comb throw your eyelashes once they have dried to remove any clumps.

7. Tinted Lip Balm– Adding a tinted lip balm will instantly add color to your face while making your lips look really natural and hydrated. You can also add tinted lip balm to the apples of your cheeks for an even more natural flush of color.

And thats it! Always remember that makeup is a choice, its not something you have to wear everyday. No makeup makeup is for those of us who want to feel a little more confident with a bit of extra help enhancing out natural beauty. Also, don’t forget how important it is to take good care of your skin and your health. Taking better care of your health and what goes into your body will reflect in your skin and the better your skin looks, the less makeup you will have to wear.




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