NYFW: The Recap

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To say that New York is the city that never sleeps couldn’t be more of an understatement. Being the fashion capital of the world, how could you? The only thing that changes quicker than the models are the trends they strut. One layover and a glass of wine later, coming into the city you are greeted with the overwhelming feeling of actual freezing. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Times Square, which was a world of a difference compared to the hole in the wall hotel we stayed in last time that had the actual view of a brick wall, a dog convention, and no counter in the bathroom. We were not only completely blown away by the hospitality and customer service by the Hyatt team, we were amazed at the quality of the room. The only thing better than the view of our 45th floor room was the view of the roof top bubble bar on the 54th floor.

We had the opportunity to attend Art Hearts Fashion week which was held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in the heart of NYC. Guests mingled with drinks in hand while appreciating fine art as they waited for the shows to begin. As we made our way to find our seats, we saw the name Hallie Sara and we knew we were in the right place. The closing night of shows consisted of seven designers that we saw including 7Crash, House of Byfield, Mimi Tran, Hallie Sara, Mister Triple X, Altaf Maanishia, and Rocky Gathercole. All shows were eclectic and unique in their own ways and did not disappoint. A few pieces alone looked as if they belonged being showcased in the Museum of Modern Art. While many looks excited us from each show, Hallie Sara’s pieces were really what made their way to the top of our favorites list. While many pieces during the closing nights show were exotic and couture, Hallie Sara had some of the most runway ready wearable pieces. From mink furs to statuesque pieces, closing night was very exciting to say the least.

Being from the suburbs its quite difficult for us to understand the complexities of the subway system. If we weren’t going downtown when we should have been going uptown, we were having minor panic attacks as what felt like thousands of people shoved into a tiny train that almost goes off the track with flickering lights and a stench that would make you feel like your in a scary movie. Claustrophobia on a whole other level. With that being said, we found the best mode of transportation is Taxis, that is if you can find one without freezing to death on the side of the road, or dying from anxiety from the taxi drivers driving skills. We basically despise all New York City forms of transportation so if you can get your hands on Chuck Bass’s limo service that would be ideal.

Waking up on our last day in the city with coffee in hand and a view that would please, we quickly got ready to head to the airport. With time to spare before our flight, we decided to brave the cold one last time to get Tyra approved shots, but it wasn’t until our picture didn’t get called that we felt we needed to rush to the hotel bathroom to throw on a red lip. Opportunity came a knocking by the bathroom stalls, how cliche. We mad the pleasure to meet Melissa Ortiz Digital Marketing Strategist and head to the 54th floor. As the elevator doors opened, we were greeted with incredible views that over looked the entire city. We were then escorted to the private rooftop bar where we had the chance to shoot some incredible footage.

Overall, this New York trip was definitely a success. From cross country flights to impeccable fashion we enjoyed every minute in New York except for the cold, and the cigaret smoke, and the subway system. Other than that, we can’t wait to be back in September! For more updates on us and NYFW, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat!

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