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For the past few months we have been obsessed with eye lash extensions and we’re here to give you the full low down and to tell you all about our experience with lash extensions. First off, eye lash extensions are when individual lashes are glued with a very strong medical grade glue to each of your own individual lashes. Eye lash extensions have become super popular and we totally understand why now! Before getting your lashes done, the most important thing is finding a the right place and person for the service. We go to Amazing Lash Studio and absolutely love it there! They are located all over the place and have a really great membership program that makes it so much for affordable! There are a ton of different styles when it comes to lash extensions. You can get classic, which are individual lashes, or volume which has multiple lashes attached to each other. There are also different length lashes, which give you a lot of different options. Our advice is to look at some inspiration pictures to see what you might like, or even bring your favorite pair of false lashes to your appointment to give you lash tech a better understanding of what you want and like. So now that you know a little more about eye lash extensions, lets talk about the prep, process and aftercare.


When going in for your lash appointment, you want to make sure you lashes are clean and free or makeup. We also like to use a last primer and serum before and during to keep our natural last strong and healthy.


Once you and your technician decide on a style you will lay down and the process will begin. They will start by taping down your bottom eye lashes to keep them out of the way, some technicians will also tape other area of your eye if they need to. Next they clean and prime your lashes to prep them for the extensions. At this point they will begin gluing individual lashes to each of your lashes. When getting a full set, the process can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the style your getting and also the experience of the technician. Fills will typically take less time because there are less lashes to be placed and the style has already been determined, unless your changing things up. Once they are finished with your lashes they will typically use a little fan to help dry and set the glue. If your lashes are done right you won’t be able to feel them at all, which is so much better than strip lashes! You will need to get them filled about everything 2-3 weeks.


The first “rule” is to not get your lash extensions wet for 24-28 hours. This will help the glue set and will make your lashes last longer. If you absolutely have to put on makeup afterwards, just be very very careful when washing your face, but try to avoid it if you can. There have been a couple of times where we went to an event right after our appointments, but we avoided eyeliner to make washing our faces much easier.  Sometimes, your lashes might get stuck to each other and you can very gently brush them out with a spooly. Its best your brush from the middle of the lashes up and not to go all the way to the base. You should always brush them out after getting them wet so reshape and fluff them out. As far as cleaning your lashes, its definitely something you want to do. Make sure to use oil free products and your face and lashes, Amazing Lash Studios also makes a really great gentle cleanser make specially for eye lash extensions, which is great.


Lash Serum: Using a good lash serum is KEY to lash extensions. Prior to getting lash extensions, we have been using Vegalash eyelash serum for years, which works incredibly for growing long and healthy lashes so we were super excited when our lash stylist told us that using a good serum would actually help our lash extensions. Not only does the serum keep your lashes underneath healthy and strong, the formula actually helps your lash extensions stick better to your natural lashes, making them last so much longer!

Mascara: Another big question about lashes is if you can wear mascara or not with them. Most people would tell you Absolutely not because it makes them fall out a lot quicker but with the right formula it can be a lot easier. Using an oil free, water based mascara is the best way to go to ensure your lashes to stay on the longest. Most eyelash salons even carry mascara specifically made for your lash extensions so if you like that extra oomph that mascara gives your lashes, ask your salon!

Foaming Lash Wash: Most people think you can’t wash your lashes, or even get them wet, especially since they tell you to refrain for the first 48 hours, but little we did we know that actually helps keep them on longer as well! Using a foaming lash wash specifically formulated for lash extensions is the best way to go to remove any mascara, makeup or oils from the day. All you have to do is take a pump and gently run through your lashes and rinse with water and as soon as your lashes dry and you gently comb them out, they look as good as new! If you don’t have a specific lash wash you can even with rinse your lashes with water daily and that will still help to remove any excess makeup or oils.


We also wanted to share a few of our tips and also answer some common questions. First off, during your appointment, it might be weird for some people to have someone else touch their eyes, so try your best to just relax. You can even use this time to take a nap, trust us, so many people do it! You can even bring headphones and listen to music or a audio book. Another tip is to try to avoid touching or sleeping on your lashes, this will help them last longer. Also, DO NOT try to pull them out, this will damage your natural lashes and you really don’t want that. You can also still totally wear makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner and all. Like we mentioned previously, just make sure its oil free!

If you want to hear more and see our lash appointment go down, check out our Youtube video below!

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