Our First Time | Getting Eye Lash Extentions

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We can’t even tell you guys how long we’ve been wanting to try eye lash extensions and we finally did it thanks to Social Lashes! You guys know we’ve been on a kick of trying things for the first time, so we were super excited! So, the first thing we did was pick a lash style. You can chose anything from classic and natural to super dramatic volume. We wanted something a little in between and trusted the lash technicians when we told them exactly what we wanted. The treatment itself took about an hour but it honestly didn’t even feel like it took that long because the girls doing our lashes were so cool to talk to and it was a really comfortable treatment. The first thing they did was clean our lashes and then taped down our bottom lashes. (Don’t worry, this didn’t hurt at all when removing) To apply the lashes they basically use a medial grade glue that is safe for your eyes and holds the lashes in place for up to 3 weeks, depending on how to take care of them.You could’t really feel anything while they were applying the lashes aside from them brushing and separating them out. Once they were done they used a little fan to help dry the glue all the way before we opened our eyes. We definitely expected to feel the lashes when we opened our eyes but we didn’t feel a thing! They felt so natural and we honestly feel in love with them immediately! It’s actually kind of crazy to see how much they just completely transform you. Our lashes turned out totally different from eachother, which was cool to see how each style complimented our eyes! Social Lashes was such a cute chic location and we loved every second of it, especially the music! If you guys are in the Orange County area, go check them out! Also, if you guys are curious, Kasey did Haley’s lashes and Ashley did Jordan’s. Let us know if you get them and love them too! Don’t forget to check out our full youtube video of the whole experience!




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