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Hey guys! So, we recently moved and still after being here almost 3 months, we still have very little home decor. Decorating can be so expensive so we’ve been on Pinterest, which we recently just got into, ( I know, CRAZY, right?) Anyways, we found some really great cheap DIY projects that are perfect to spruce up your home for the Spring/Summer. These DIY’s are perfect for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dorm, and they best part, we found almost all of the materials at the dollar store!

DIY Painted Vase

What you’ll need:

Vase, Paint, Paint brushes, Ribbon or Burlap, and Fake or Real Flowers.

We got everything minus the paint at the dollar store so we really lucked out with this one! Basically, all you have to do is paint the inside of the vase any color you want! We went with a pinky/maroon color that we got from mixing a few different shades. You’ll want to let that dry for a little bit and maybe do a second coat. You can get as creative as you want with this step! Once the vase was dry, we decided to tie a bow around the neck of the vase, in this case we used some burlap, which isn’t usually our go-to style, but we really loved the element it added. Finally, add some fake or real flowers, whichever you prefer and boom! You have a super cute vase that all your friends will want!

DIY Water Vase

What you’ll need:

 Shallow Vase, Gems, Water, Fake or Real flowers

This one is super duper easy and it looks so beautiful! We went with a shorter and more shallow square vase for this one. All you need to do is fill the vase with your colored gems, add some water to the vase till it is just about full & pluck & place a flower right on top to float. We absolutely love how this one turned out and it as so freaking easy! Its the perfect way to easily bring Spring into your home!

 DIY Flower Wreath 

What you’ll need:

Wreath Rod, Fake Flowers, and Twine

We are obsessed with this one and it definitely turned out way better than we ever expected! We realized we needed a little more flowers, but we still made it work! We started by arranging the flowers around the wreath, so we could picture the final product and arrange the flowers how we wanted them. Next, you will want to remove the flowers from the stems and you’ll notice a little hole in the bottom of the flower. You’ll want to cut about a 10 inch piece of twine and insert it into the hole of the flower. You’ll then want to bring the twine down the petal so you can attach the flower to the wreath and keep twisting the flowers all the way around the rod. If this sound confusing, watch our youtube video below to see exactly what we mean. Then go ahead and fluff up your flowers and you have a gorgeous wreath you can hang or place anywhere in you home!

We learned that DIY projects can be so much fun and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate you space! Check out your youtube video below to watch us create these fun Spring DIYs. If you guys try any of them out or have ideas for new projects, let us know!

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