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How do you feel about using ice to sculpt your body? It sounds totally crazy right? We had no idea what to expect when we heard that one of our favorite places, Bronzed Bunny was offering the Ice Sculpting/ Pure Sculpt treatment, but we knew we had to try it! Ice Sculpting is a body treatment that helps shrink wrap your body and was originated in South America. The treatment is a combination of ice and wood therapies that are specially designed to sculpt your body and activate your lymphatic system. The treatment is great for contouring your body and can even help reduce cellulite, tone your skin and help with blood circulation. Bronzed Bunny Pure Sculpting treatment essentially detoxifies your whole body, which everyone needs, even if you eat healthy and work out.

The treatment takes about an hour and starts with you basically getting a rub down with oils and the wood tools are used first, for about 20 minutes. You can choose to do your whole body, or just concentrate on your “problem areas.” This part of the treatment kind of feels like getting a deep tissue massage, if you’ve ever had one. Some areas will feel good while you can feel some pressure in other areas. Bronzed Bunny does recommend not eating or drinking anything 2 hours before the treatment. Next, the Ice is applied where the most stored fat volume is. The ice is basically a mixture of clays, herbs, and water, which is then frozen. The ice will encourage the bodies natural process of cold induced thermogenesis. When this happens, fat cells are burned in order to raise body temperatures back to its normal state. Dead fat cells and toxins are then expelled naturally through they body. This part feels exactly like you’d assume, someone literally rubbing a block of ice on you. The ice is quite shocking and it is so COLD! It’s totally normal to shiver during this part and certain areas of the body like the inner thigh and stomach are definitely a little more sensitive. Once the block of ice clay completely melts, you get wiped down with a cold towel to keep your body temperature down, so no warmness here. After you are cleaned up, the treatment is over and you can get dressed and continue with your day, which is great! No downtime, or recovery. It is recommended that you try to avoid carbs, sugars, and alcohol 72 hours before and after the treatment to see the best results and to make sure to drink plenty of water as all of your bodies toxins will be released through your lymphatic system. Its also recommended that you don’t get in a jacuzzi or do anything that will heat up your body after your treatment because heat will loosen the skin.

You’ll notice right away your skin feeling a little bit tighter, and at Bronzed Bunny, they will take your before and after pictures so you can see your instant results! Ice Sculpting is non-invasive and organic and you actually see amazing results, even after just one session, which is crazy! Everyones bodies are different, but its suggested that you get the treatment done at least 3 times but up to 12 + depending on your size. The treatment can be done up to 3/4 times per week. We honestly love the treatment and are shocked at over results!We definitely felt way less bloated and had a ton of energy after the treatment and if you want to see our full experience getting the Ice Sculpting/Pure Sculpting treatment, check out our Youtube video below!


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