Sedona Lace Review

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Sedona Lace Review


Sedona Lace is an online cosmetics company that sells products ranging from makeup brushes to eyeshadows to concealers. We had the opportunity to try out a few products from Sedona Lace and were fairly surprised with what we tried out.


12 Color Camouflage Concealer Palette: This 12 color concealer pallet is perfect for anyone whether you are just starting out in makeup, you are a makeup artist or if you are someone who does a bit of traveling. This pallet includes 8 different concealer tones and 4 different corrector shades that are extremely pigmented. These concealers are super creamy and have a cream to powder formula that make these last on your skin all day long!


  • Green corrects redness and imperfections

  • Lilac brightens yellow areas of the skin

  • Yellow corrects dark areas and under eye circles

  • Blue corrects dark areas and under eye circles on deeper skin tones

  • Blue also neutralizes any orange tones that can result from self tanner


Vortex Synthetic Travel Brush Set: This travel sized brush kit comes with 8 top brushes that are perfect for on the go. To our surprise, the synthetic hairs on these brushes are some of the softest we have ever felt. These brushes feel extremely high quality and even after multiple uses have no shedding what so ever! These brushes come in a very durable leather-like case that is small and flat enough to take anywhere on the go. The cool thing about this case is that its super easy to clean and it also has extra inserts for things like tweezers, scissors, and other tools you might want to keep on hand. We absolutely love these brushes and would definitely recommend for anyone getting into makeup!


  • Tulip Contour– This brush is cut specifically like a tulip making it great for contouring and highlighting. Since this brush is so large, it can also be used for powder.

  • Flat Top Buffer– This flat top brush is perfect to buff in powder, liquid, or cream foundation to achieve a flawless airbrushed finish. You can also use this brush on its side to get a precise contour.

  • Dome Contour– This is a great brush for contouring the face. Since it is so small you can get a very precise application under the cheek bones, on the forehead, and on the jawline.

  • Universal Blender– This brush is a universal blender because it can be used in so many different ways. You can use this brush to apply shadow all over the lid, use it on its tip to apply color to the crease, or use it on its side to pack on or blend out eyeshadow.

  • Blender– Not only is this brush perfect for blending out eyeshadow, this brush is also great for blending out concealer to get a flawless airbrushed finish.

  • Flat Synthetic– Since this is a synthetic brush, it doesn’t soak up any excess liquid making it perfect for applying cream eyeshadows and concealers.

  • Brow Spoolie Duo– This is the perfect brush for getting great brows. Use one end to apply brow powder or pomade, then use the spoolie end to brush the product through your brows making them look more natural. You can also use this brush to apply shadow and liner, or use the spoolie end to comb out clumpy mascara.

  • Capped Lip Brush– This lip brush works great for getting the perfect lip line. The cool thing about this brush is that it comes with a metal cap keeping it sanitary and making it easy to throw in your bag for touch ups!







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