Smile Brilliant Review

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Did you know your teeth are just like your skin and have pores that act like sponges? Well now you do! Anything you eat or drink can seep into these pores and stain your teeth and these stains will never go away unless you are actively whitening your teeth. Having white teeth is super important to us and for the past year we have really been relaying on Smile Brilliant! If you’ve been following us, you may have seen our Youtube video and last blog post of us using the Smile Brilliant system and we’re back at it again for the New Year! The whitening system is awesome because unlike other strips or gels, the whitening trays allow you to whiten all of your teeth, not just your front teeth. The system comes with everything you need to make custom trays and you can select from different packages as far as amount of whitening gel you need and you can even add on desensitizing gel if you have sensitive teeth. We will typically whiten our teeth any where from 30 minutes up to a couple hours just depending on the day and love to see our teeth getting more white as the days go on. If you are looking for a new whitening system and a want to get beautiful teeth shop Smile Brilliant!

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