Our First Time | Getting Eye Lash Extentions

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We can’t even tell you guys how long we’ve been wanting to try eye lash extensions and we finally did it thanks to Social Lashes! You guys know we’ve been on a kick of trying things for the first time, so we were super excited! So, the first thing we did was pick a lash style. You can chose anything from classic and natural to super dramatic volume. We wanted something a little in between and trusted the lash technicians when we told them exactly what we wanted. The treatment itself took about an hour but it honestly didn’t even feel like it took that long because the girls doing our lashes...

How to Style | The 5th Review

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How to Style: Accessories  Putting together a dope outfit can be easy and you can really elevate you style with a few simple accessories like watches and sunglasses. The 5th offers some great options when it comes to chic styles and we have some new pieces from them we’ve really been loving lately. We always appreciate a company that offers great products but also great packaging as well! As far as what we picked from the site, you can never go wrong with black. If you’ve been following us, you know that black is basically our signature color. The black “TOKYO FUYU” watch is super sleek and can literally go with...

Photo Hacks

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Photo Hacks Listen, taking a really great picture these days is pretty important and we’ve found a few things recently that have been taking our pictures to the next level. We’ve realized having a chic background can make such a huge difference, especially for product shot type of picture. If you go to our Instagram, you’ll notice all of our recent product shots have really great backgrounds, and no this is not our actual tile or any type of photoshop. Our favorite thing we’ve been using is actually a multi-use desk pad! The ones we’ve been using can be found HERE It makes for a great picture background and comes...

Smile Brilliant Review

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Did you know your teeth are just like your skin and have pores that act like sponges? Well now you do! Anything you eat or drink can seep into these pores and stain your teeth and these stains will never go away unless you are actively whitening your teeth. Having white teeth is super important to us and for the past year we have really been relaying on Smile Brilliant! If you’ve been following us, you may have seen our Youtube video and last blog post of us using the Smile Brilliant system and we’re back at it again for the New Year! The whitening system is awesome because unlike...

Black on Black

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Black on Black If you haven’t noticed, black is definitely our color of choice when it comes to our wardrobe and these outfits are no exception. The first look we styled on more of the risky side by wearing a see though mesh long sleeve from Misguided. Underneath is a Nudwear laced adhesive bra which actually provides great support. To finish the look, we went with a pair of leather panel leggings from Misguided and black booties from Express. This outfit is perfect for a night out and we love the way it came together! The next look is a more classy look with a tuxedo style bodysuit from Misguided. We...

Simple Sweaters

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Simple Sweaters More often then not, we like to keep things simple when it comes to fashion. We love outfits that require very little thought and pieces but still make you look super put together. We immediately feel  in love with the grey “Kanye” style sweater dress from MissGuided. It’s perfect for the not so cold weather here in So. Cal. We paired the sweater with a strapy barlette that added just enough detail, aside from the already built in choker and a pair of knee high boots from BooHoo. The off the shoulder sweater is from MissGuide as well and for this look we really wanted to keep things simple and let the...

Vega Lash and Vega Brow Review

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Thicker Fuller Faster Think about this, if you have really great brows, lashes, and skin, you don’t really need to put much effort into getting ready. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones born with perfect full brows and lashes, it can be really tough to achieve! Thankfully, we found two products that are changing our lives! Vega Lash and Vega Brow are volumizing serums that help achieve thinker and fuller lashes and brows. You may not know this, but apparently over time your “growth signals” weaken, making it hard to continuously grow out your hair. The serum basically works by naturally resorting the communication channels to your follicles sending growth signals...

UpBra Review

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Let’s be honest, we all want good cleavage, especially when wearing your favorite strapless dress or shirt. It can be so hard to find the perfect bra that feels supportive and also offers a good lift but UpBra literally is magic! UpBra basically gives you the best cleavage of your life by allowing you to adjust and lift your cleavage to your desired fit. The UpBra also comes with straps that you can wear a ton of different ways, which we love! See below for how to use and where to buy the UpBra! BEFORE Once you have the bra on you will grab for the two cleavage control straps to adjust...

Fall Beautycon Box Unboxing

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Fall 2016 Box By: Angel & Shayla Items in the Fall box: DUO – Lash Adhesive – @duoadhesive Flutter Lashes – iSlay Lashes – @futterlashesinc Jouer – Essential Lip Enhancer – @jouercosmetics Laser Kitten – Sweetheart Lipstick Pin – @laserkitten Luxie Beauty – Luxie Large Angled 504 Brush – @luxiebeauty Milani Cosmetics – Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – @milanicosmetics Mystic Tan – Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion – @mystictan OFRA Cosmetics – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – @ofracosmetics Simple® – Cleansing Facial Wipes – @simpleskincare Sugarfina – Sugar Lips® – @sugarfina Shayla & Angel portrait by @rongrong_devoe_illustration SHOP Annual: $99, Seasonal: $29 $5 off code: HJFALL (expires November 30, 2016)

Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Pallet

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We recently got our hands on the new Kylie Cosmetics The Bronze Kyshadow pallet, after many attempts! The pallet arrives in a chic black box with a holographic card that winks right at you and a note from Kylie herself on the back. The pallet comes with nine shadows, seven matte and two shimmer shades that are all neutral tones. After using the pallet a few times it has quickly become one of our favorite products because its compact and has all of our go-to colors. If you want to see swatches of each shade and more of our thoughts and opinions on the pallet, watch our youtube video below!...