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 Let’s face it, we all want perfect, glowy, clear skin and most of us have no idea where to being. Skin care in number one for us and its super important to take good care of your skin. Skin care is always important but especially during these warmer months when we find ourselves at the beach and pool, wearing little or no makeup. We’re here to give you some of our tips, tricks, and hacks on how we keep our skin look fresh and clear. Diet, in our opinion, is the absolute most important thing when it comes to taking care of your skin. Eating greasy food will definitely clog...

Photo Hacks

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Photo Hacks Listen, taking a really great picture these days is pretty important and we’ve found a few things recently that have been taking our pictures to the next level. We’ve realized having a chic background can make such a huge difference, especially for product shot type of picture. If you go to our Instagram, you’ll notice all of our recent product shots have really great backgrounds, and no this is not our actual tile or any type of photoshop. Our favorite thing we’ve been using is actually a multi-use desk pad! The ones we’ve been using can be found HERE It makes for a great picture background and comes...