Pinterest Inspired DIY | Spring Home Decor

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Hey guys! So, we recently moved and still after being here almost 3 months, we still have very little home decor. Decorating can be so expensive so we’ve been on Pinterest, which we recently just got into, ( I know, CRAZY, right?) Anyways, we found some really great cheap DIY projects that are perfect to spruce up your home for the Spring/Summer. These DIY’s are perfect for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dorm, and they best part, we found almost all of the materials at the dollar store! DIY Painted Vase What you’ll need: Vase, Paint, Paint brushes, Ribbon or Burlap, and Fake or Real Flowers. We got everything...

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas!   If you are looking for easy, healthy, and inexpensive breakfast ideas then these recipes are for you!   Yogurt and Granola– The easiest, and most healthy breakfast idea is yogurt and granola. Greek yogurt is definitely one of the healthiest and most delicious types of yogurt. Our favorite is the strawberry flavor with Vanilla Almond Granola right on top. Super easy and delicious! Oatmeal– A really easy and filling breakfast idea is oatmeal. To make life easier use instant oatmeal, steel cut preferred. The best flavor is definitely the maple and brown sugar. Once your oatmeal is done cooking add some honey and chia seeds to...