Our Eyelash Extension Experince

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For the past few months we have been obsessed with eye lash extensions and we’re here to give you the full low down and to tell you all about our experience with lash extensions. First off, eye lash extensions are when individual lashes are glued with a very strong medical grade glue to each of your own individual lashes. Eye lash extensions have become super popular and we totally understand why now! Before getting your lashes done, the most important thing is finding a the right place and person for the service. We go to Amazing Lash Studio and absolutely love it there! They are located all over the place...

How to Self Tan | Mystic Tan

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How To: Self Tan Believe it or not, we have never self tanned before! I know, crazy, right?! To be quite honest, we have always been terrified and for some crazy reason, thought it was be so hard to do. So, we decided to finally give it a try but started in the baby section and used a gradual self tanner. We are no experts but found with a few easy steps, you can achieve a nice self tan! Also, make sure to read the instructions of your self tanner as some may call have different directions. Step 1: Scrub Down with Brooklyn Botany We started prepping the night before...