3 Ingredient Healthy Treat Recipes | NutraBlendz

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If you’ve been following us, you may have noticed we have been getting serious about our health! It is so important to take care of your body and provide it with the right nutrients! Lately, we have been using and loving NutraBlendz, a natural and delicious meal replacement protein from TRUProteins! NutraBlendz has been great for us because for one, it tastes great and it really helps when we don’t have time for a full meal! We love that it doesn’t have the typical chalk like taste a lot of protein powders have to them. It is also made with the highest quality ingredients and offers basically everything your body...

Skinny Fox Detox Review & Recipes

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So with it being a New Year and new us, we figured it’s time to really get our health in order! For us, a great way to jump start our fitness is to do a tea detox. There are so many detox teas out there but SkinnyFox Detox is definitely one of our favorites and we’ve used it multiple times. We decided to do the 28 day detox where you drink a morning tea, Hello Gorgeous, every morning and an evening tea, Goodbye Cherry pie every other night before bed.  Along with the the detox we have also been using a loving their Vanilla Cream Whey Protein Powder. We love...

Unique Muscle Review

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Unique Muscle Review   Unique Muscle is an Australia based brand that believes beauty starts from within. Unique Muscle offers incredible products ranging from Whey Protein Powders to coffee and cacao slimming beverages that are vegan, gluten free, and made from organic and all natural ingredients. Slim It African Mango Coffee– An instant coffee made from organic high quality arabica coffee beans with African Mango and Botanical extracts. This unique coffee not only tastes delicious but offers incredible benefits such as suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, increasing levels of energy, and assisting in thermogenic fat burning. All you have to do is dissolve one packet into a cup of boiling water...