Nighttime Skincare Routine- Haley

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I have normal/combination and acne prone skin. These are the steps I take in the evening for my skincare routine. Step 1- Remove Makeup: At the end of the night I always remove my makeup with a Cleansing oil. My favorite of the moment is the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cooling Cleansing oil. I love this oil cleanser because it does an incredible job of breaking down all of my stubborn makeup and rinses completely clean. Step 2- Exfoliate: I usually exfoliate my skin every other night up to 3 times a week. One of my favorites is the Herbalism Facial Cleanser from Lush. It does a great job at exfoliating the skin...

Fall Pamper Routine


At the end of the week, we all need a little pampering.   Step 1- Remove Makeup: I like to start my pamper routine at the end of the night removing all of my makeup using the Boscia Makeup Breakup Cooling Cleansing Oil. This is definitely my favorite cleansing oil because it is light, cooling, and refreshing. It also smells lightly of cucumber and dissolves all of my makeup. Step 2- Cleanse: I love cleansing my skin with Purity Facial Cleanser on a pamper night. This milky cleanser is so luxurious and removes any excess makeup and impurities from my skin. Step 3- Exfoliate: One of the best exfoliators that...