Our Eyelash Extension Experince

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For the past few months we have been obsessed with eye lash extensions and we’re here to give you the full low down and to tell you all about our experience with lash extensions. First off, eye lash extensions are when individual lashes are glued with a very strong medical grade glue to each of your own individual lashes. Eye lash extensions have become super popular and we totally understand why now! Before getting your lashes done, the most important thing is finding a the right place and person for the service. We go to Amazing Lash Studio and absolutely love it there! They are located all over the place...

Interview Series!

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Interview Series! We thought it would be really helpful to do an Interview Series sharing tips and advise on how to nail an interview or to being professional in the workplace!   Tips and Advise Be Appropriate– This can be a number of things but most importantly do not be late and that usual means showing up at least 10 minutes early. You don’t want to make a bad impression by showing up to the interview late or stress yourself out by being in a rush. DO NOT check your cell phone! We recommend leaving your phone in your car or purse but if you have to have your phone...

Healthy Hair Tips!

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  HEALTHY HAIR CARE TIPS Tip #1: DO NOT wash your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can strip essential oils from your hair causing your hair to be more dry, flakey, and broken leading to split, damaged hair. Try using a shampoo that is sulfate free to prevent damage and color stripping if your hair is colored. Tip #2: DO NOT use too much product in your hair. When washing your hair, if you have product build up don’t use an excessive amount of shampoo, only use a small amount to remove the product buildup then go in one more time with a small amount of shampoo...