The Tea Detox Beauty Blend Review

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The Tea Detox Review


We have been big fans of The Tea Detox, having tried their weight loss teas, The Skinny and The Colon Cleanse. Check out our previous blog post here The Tea Detox has released a new blend of Wellbeing and Beauty teas that we’ve recently been drinking and loving!


Healthy Tea– This new tea blend is 100% natural and organic packed with amazing health benefits. This tea is best to drink in the morning to kick start your day, giving you energy and overall system strength. This tea has a light flavor with ingredients such as ginseng, green tea leaf, and lemon grass leaf, you can even throw a lemon in it for extra flavor! This healthy tea leaves you feeling refreshed, increases your immunity, and helps improve your digestive aid making it a must try!

Pure Skin Tea– The Pure Skin Tea is  the first in the new range of beauty blend teas and is perfect for anyone who is looking for glowing clear skin. The tea is a blend of all natural Chinese herbs known for their cleansing and clearing abilities. The taste is fairly light with a kick of sweetness and is great to drink any time of the day. The Pure Skin tea benefits include assisting with acne, eczema, and uneven skin tone just to name a few. Our skin has felt amazing since we started drinking the tea and we would definitely recommend it to everyone!




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