The Tea Detox Review

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The Tea Detox Review

The Tea Detox offers healthy, effective and quality tea products that can help you stay healthy and loose weight. With the help of a tea detox the colon cleanse can make sure all of your internal systems are regular, reduce bloating, and constipation.

  • The Skinny Tea Detox: The Skinny Tea is essentially a four week program that detoxifies your system offering health benefits that promote a more healthy lifestyle. This tea is suppose to reduce bloating, stomach aches, and food cravings. It is also suppose to improve your digestive system and discourage the storage of unnecessary fat. Since this is a loose leaf tea, all you have to do is place 1 TSP of the loose leaf tea in any tea infuser and steep in near-boiling water for 3-5 min each morning with breakfast. This tea is best served on its own or with a slice of lemon.

  • The Colon Cleanse Tea: The Colon Cleanse Tea is a bagged tea that is suppose to cleanse your body internally with natural and preservative-free ingredients. This detox tea will stimulate Peristalsis, which is the process that helps move food move along your gastrointestinal tract. Not only does this tea remove harmful toxins from your body, it will also make you feel lighter, rejuvenated and more revitalized.  All you have to do is steep 1 tea bag in near-boiling water for 3-5 min every other night. This tea is best served on its own or with slice of lemon, which is how we usually drink them. Another great thing about the Colon Cleanse Tea, you can infuse the bags multiple times!

Overall, during the duration of this Tea Detoxifying experience we both have noticed a difference in our overall health. We both have extremely sensitive stomachs and over the course of drinking The Skinny Tea Detox we have noticed a huge decrease in bloating and stomach cramps. Another thing we have noticed while drinking this tea is the overall look of our skin. We have noticed a more clear and bright completion as well as a smoother feel and texture. The last big bonus to this detox tea is the taste. Most detoxifying teas have a very strong or unpleasant tastes but these two detox teas taste amazing! With a slice of lemon it has a light earthy flavor. We would definitely recommend trying The Tea Detox if you struggle with any of these issues or just want to promote a healthier lifestyle.



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