Whats In Our Purse

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Whats In Our Purse

We love switching it up all the time and our go to bag of the moment is the cross body. Not only are they great for carrying the essentials, they are the perfect accessory to complete your look.


Cards: The first thing we grab, and probably the most important is our ID’s and debit cards. We usually don’t like taking our entire wallet so we just grab what we need.


Sunglasses: We can not leave the house without our favorite shades. The best ones we find are usually from Target or TJ Max.


Hand Sanitizer: You never know when you need to clean your hands so we sometimes like to carry a mini hand sanitizer on us. Our favorite is the Lavender Woods from Ulta.


Hand Cream: Another thing we like to keep on hand is the Mango hand cream from The Body Shop. This lotion is ultra hydrating and smells amazing!


Perfume: We love carrying around our favorite perfumes to freshen up throughout the day so we always look for mini bottles and perfume atomizers that you can switch up all the time.


Tissues: You never know when you might start crying so sometimes we like carry a small package of tissues.


Mini Lint Roller: We are constantly wearing black so if the outfit calls for it we will carry this mini lint roller we found from Target.


Eyedrops: We are avid contact wearers so at times we need a few drops of hydration so we keep these eyedrops on us at all times.


Cleansing Wipes: We love being prepared no matter the situation so we like to keep a small packaged cleansing wipe like the Summers Eve Cleansing Wipes for a pick me up.


Lip Balm: No one can handle chapped lips, especially not us so we always keep a tube of Vaseline Lip Balm on us.


Touch Ups: The last thing we usually throw in our bags before heading out of the house is a few makeup products to touch up with. That usually consists of a touch up powder and whatever lip product we are wearing that day.




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